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What’s Cooking Around Lake Campotosto

Here’s how to cook the perfect slice of pan-fried pecorino which is sweetly crispy on one side as shared by Mascioni’s Locanda Mausonium

Divine Giovanni Gasparro Paintings in L’Aquila

Here is another reason to visit Abruzzo: the contemporary paintings in L’Aquila by Giovanni Gasparro permanently displayed in S. Giuseppe di Artigiano.

Emanuela Di Felice

Emanuela Di Felice worked for several years at Sextanio in S. Stefano di Sessanio before she retired in nearby Barisciano. The albergo diffuso here may have…

Armando Adriani

Armando Adriani is the husband of my mother’s first cousin, Liberata Antonelli. He lives in Mascioni. Now in his late 80’s, he told me recently how…

Frank Antonelli

My grandfather, Frank Antonelli left Mascioni before the construction of Lake Campotosto. He arrived in the US in 1905. I have found one old photograph/postcard of…